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Surgical First Assistants is a highly sought after profession utilized by hospitals and surgeons in the operating room to enhance the quality of surgical care and improve the percentage of success in surgical cases. The need for quality Surgical First Assistance has increased exponentially at hospitals and surgery centers. Phenom Surgical has met the challenge of that need by providing facilities with highly trained and exceptionally skilled Surgical First Assistants. Military trained and or recruited from top schooling programs, Phenom Surgical hand picks it’s First Assistants to assure the quality and service provided is the best of the best. Patient care is the number one priority of Phenom Surgical, which is achieved by hard work and dedication to the first assistant service provided to surgeons, hospitals and surgery center nationwide.

Because Phenom Surgical takes it time to handpick its Surgical First Assistants it has been difficult over the years to fill the needs of each facility. Yet, through perseverance and a refusal to lower our standards, Phenom Surgical has endured. Phenom Surgical is known in the healthcare community for providing only the best certified and or licensed Surgical First Assistant in the market. Even during the hardest of times, COVID pandemic, Phenom Surgical did not waiver in its standards of hiring exceptional personnel. In anticipation of the bounce back of the surgical needs at healthcare facilities, Phenom Surgical did not compromise its ideals to only hire the best and was rewarded with multiple contracts. As an Army Reserve Veteran I understand the need for team members who are dedicated, skilled personnel that can be trusted to execute their duties to save the lives of others in their care. As a certified/licensed Surgical Assistant and owner of Phenom Surgical, I bring that same mentality to my job performance and require the same for all Surgical First Assistants I hire.